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Product Description
IP-based telephones have become popular during recent years due to various reasons such as low cost and high speed; and, this product is one of bestsellers among VoIP phones that provide you with the possibility of placing phone on the internet. IP-Phone Cisco CP-6821-3PCC-K9 is one of the 6800 series of IP-Phones. The phone is a manufacture of Cisco as and one of the most reliable and famous companies in manufacture of network equipment all around the world.
Product Characteristics
From among characteristics of the product reference can be made to reliability. Beautiful design and very high security level are from among other considerable characteristics of IP-Phone Cisco CP-6821-3PCC-K9. The phone provides you with high quality voice calls, which is reminder of good feelings of using telecommunication phones. Also, using the buttons in the phone, you can adjust different features on the product.
Product Advantages
Main advantage of IP-Phone Cisco CP-6821-3PCC-K9 is its high level of reliability.
Other advantages of the Cisco CP-6821-3PCC-K9 IP Phone:
· Message coding during contact;
· Providing capability of adjusting speed of contact with different buttons;
· Providing capability of using different protocols;
· Possibility of being used by several persons, simultaneously;
· Provision of LED lights to quickly guide the user towards different adjustments;
· Providing capability of conference call;
· Providing capability of doing pause during call;
· Sending message;
· Supporting PoE switch;
· 120x240px display;
· Supporting more than 20 live languages in the world;
· Size of 1.5×6.7×8.2 inches;
· Light weight equal to 456gr;
· Owner of Quality Assurance Certificate from reliable companies such as TELECOM;
Other characteristics of Cisco CP-6821-3PCC-K9
From among potentials considered by Cisco Company for IP-Phone Cisco CP-6821-3PCC-K9 reference can be made to its support of remote configuration. Also, a one year guarantee is provided by Cisco after delivery of the product, including especial items such as hardware problems

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