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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Book Cover Keyboard Slim, Black


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  • Slim and lightweight design
  • A comfortable keyboard experience
  • Enhance your productivity with wireless sharing

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12 in stock

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Slim and lightweight design
Accentuate the shape of your tablet with the slim and light Book Cover Keyboard Slim. It installs in a snap — all you have to do is wrap it around your tablet like a book cover and magnets will hold it in place. There’s even a compartment to hold your S Pen for convenience.

A comfortable keyboard experience
Pair your tablet with the Book Cover Keyboard Slim to type documents or emails with accuracy. Combined with DeX mode, the keyboard delivers a convenient PC-like experience.

Enhance your productivity with wireless sharing
With Wireless Keyboard Sharing, you can easily connect to your other Galaxy devices and smoothly type or navigate on them. Switch between devices with ease and take control of your phone as you would on your tablet.

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