Snom A230 USB DECT Dongle


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Snom A230 USB DECT Dongle

A DECT option for your Snom desk phone
Flexible communication with hands-free calling and a straightforward conferencing solution are often essential in everyday office life. The Snom A230 DECT Dongle extends your Snom desk phone (with USB connection) on the one hand with the option to connect the Snom A150 headset (which comes with the Snom A230 DECT Dongle), on the other hand it extends, in combination with the Snom C52-SP, all desk phones of the Snom D7xx and D3xx series with USB connection with a flexible conference solution in just three steps. And that without any technical effort or additional phone number. You simply use the existing Snom desk phone as usual.
The Snom A230 DECT USB dongle is connected via the existing USB port of the Snom desk phone and from then on serves as a DECT base.

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