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The small office phone with USB fits under any monitor

The Snom D315 offers wideband audio in the best quality. It is available in black and white and has a USB port. Therefore, it supports the Snom A150 USB headset and the Snom D3 extension module as well as the Snom A230 DECT dongle and the Snom A210 WLAN dongle.
The Snom D315 has a four-line graphical display and 4 context-sensitive function keys to operate the intuitive, user-friendly menu. The 5 function keys with built-in LEDs for visual call or status indication can be freely programmed with a variety of telephone functions such as speed dial, extensions or presence indication, giving the user flexibility in selecting the functions available at the touch of a button.
Not only due to the high screen resolution but also due to the flexible design, it can be used in a variety of environments, such as offices, call centres and reception areas. With its flat keypad, it is ideal for comfortable dialling and is easy on the user’s hand.
5 configurable LED function keys
The keys can be assigned functions available on the desk phone, e.g. speed dialling, direct dialling or extension. The multicolour LEDs indicate, for example, the call and presence status of a direct dialling.
Graphic 3.2″ B/W display
The monochrome display offers excellent contrast and visibility in all lighting conditions.
Wall mount integrated
Like all Snom desk phones of the D3xx and D7xx series, the Snom D315 has an integrated wall mount. With the D3xx series, only the foot has to be removed and inserted again in the opening provided.

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