Wacom One Medium CTC-6110WLW1B Bluetooth Creative Pen Graphic Tablet


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Easy and fun start with your new Wacom One Pen Tablet
Our goal was to make your transition to digital creativity as easy as possible. You can connect your Wacom One Pen Tablet with only one cable or via bluetooth and start your creativity right away. Drivers will be installed automatically (not available for Mac OS) and you can enjoy a true plug/connect & play experience. Use the pen as you are used to on paper or canvas and start drawing, doodling, note taking and many much more. To make the start for you even more convenient we have introduced The Wacom Adventure Program offering many onboarding videos, free software trial-packages and more exclusive advantages.

Slim design, powerful pen, bluetooth and more
The Wacom One Pen Tablet has been designed for creative beginners, while still offering impressive technical features. The Wacom One S and M models stand out with their compact design. With a thickness of just 7.9mm, despite having a built-in rechargeable battery, your new pen tablet becomes your daily companion. With Bluetooth and a battery-free pen, it’s ready for action in no time. Additionally, the new Wacom One Standard Pen provides maximum precision and comfort. This cutting-edge technology is the culmination of 40 years of expertise, empowering artists, animators, filmmakers, and special effects artists to create awe-inspiring masterpieces—and now it’s ready for you to unleash your creativity.

One customization
Build your own bundle and make the Wacom One truly yours
Unlock a world of customization possibilities with the Wacom One Pen Display, allowing you to personalize your creative experience. With the product configurator available in the eStore, you have the freedom to select the components that perfectly align with your needs. Whether you have a preferred pen, require a stand, or need additional cables, you can tailor your Wacom One setup to match your unique creative workflow. What’s more, by choosing only the components you truly need, you can actively contribute to minimizing waste associated with technical products. Already have all the necessary cables at home? Fantastic! Simply skip them in the configurator. This level of customization empowers you to purchase exactly what you require, giving you the option to buy just the display if that’s your preference.

Explore The Wacom One Adventure Program
Wacom One is more than just a new device. Purchasing one of the pen displays you gain access to The Wacom Adventure Program. Enjoy free software titles, instructional videos, and a comprehensive guide. But the journey doesn’t end there. Dive into regular valuable content, competitions, webinars, exclusive offers, and exciting free goodies. With renowned artists and designers, we’ll support and inspire you throughout your creative journey. Wacom One and The Wacom Adventure Program combine for an exceptional and immersive experience. Let creativity flourish like never before.

A pen designed to meet your expectations
The Wacom One Standard Pen is the perfect tool for your creative endeavors. It’s a pen that requires no batteries or cords, allowing you to dive into your creative work immediately. It emulates the experience of using a regular pen on paper, complete with pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition, but without the worry of running out of ink. Additionally, it features two programmable buttons that you can customize, enabling quick and easy access to shortcuts, streamlining your workflow.


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